Assertive, Ethical, Compassionate Advocacy

Jackson native Rebecca McCluskey doesn’t simply provide experienced legal services. She offers the personalized, relationship-based representation that only a locally rooted lawyer can give. Rebecca inspires trust from your first meeting with her.

Rebecca L. McCluskey, PLLC — Jackson, Michigan Attorney

Attorney Rebecca McCluskey offers a range of legal services to individuals and businesses throughout the greater Jackson area. Her areas of focus include business entity formation and business disputes, real estate law, divorce and family law, and mediation services.

Business and Real Estate Law

A long-time resident of Jackson, Rebecca brings her corporate and real estate clients the benefits of her deep familiarity with the local business and real property landscape. As a transactional lawyer, litigator, and mediator, she assists business and real estate clients with carefully crafted legal documents, contract negotiation, and dispute resolution.

Family and Divorce Law

In her family law practice, Rebecca works to achieve the best possible results for her clients and their children. She handles divorce cases — both amicable and acrimonious — from property division and custody/support matters through to post-judgment modification of custody arrangements and parenting schedules. She also handles Michigan adoptions, including stepparent adoptions.

Rebecca’s Mission: Personalized Partnership and Advocacy

Rebecca’s mission is to be a true advocate for her clients. To Rebecca, this means two things. First, she becomes your partner throughout your legal matter. She listens, she informs, and she remains engaged and accessible. Second, she uses the right combination of legal expertise, assertive advocacy, and compassionate counsel for every matter. She is a formidable courtroom advocate when called for. But she is also a trained mediator skilled at resolving legal issues outside the courts. Rebecca also knows that not every legal issue is a matter of mere strategy or cost-benefit analysis. She remains at her clients’ sides when a legal matter is also an emotional journey — and she values peace of mind as a legitimate goal of legal representation.

Michigan Mediation Services

Rebecca also devotes a portion of her practice to mediation services in civil and family cases. As a trained civil and domestic relations mediator, she serves families, individuals, and businesses throughout Jackson and the surrounding communities. She encourages prospective clients to learn more about the benefits of mediation.

To schedule a consultation with Rebecca about your legal issue and how she can help, she welcomes you to get in touch.

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