Abuse & Neglect and Children’s Protective Services Investigations

Rebecca McCluskey holds two abuse and neglect contracts in Jackson County and is also retained privately to represent clients in abuse and neglect proceedings and CPS investigations. As an abuse and neglect contract-attorney for Jackson County, Rebecca is well-versed in the law applicable to children’s protective proceedings and the DHHS policies and procedures that govern these matters. Additionally, she is well-acquainted with the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) and Children’s Protective Services (CPS) and can effectively and assertively help clients navigate involvement with these agencies, whether in an abuse and neglect case or during a CPS investigation.

For more information on Rebecca's services in abuse and neglect cases in Jackson and the surrounding Michigan communities, please contact Rebecca L. McCluskey, PLLC.

Meet Rebecca L. McCluskey

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Rebecca McCluskey is an attorney and mediator serving Jackson, Michigan, and the surrounding counties. Rebecca’s practice focuses primarily on business and corporate law, real estate and real property law, family law, abuse and neglect proceedings,…

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